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Advertising and Media

Advertising and Media at DGate Integrated Services provides a wide range of media options covering both Above The Line (ATL) & Below The Line (BTL) services, integrated advertising solutions, and internet advertising services.

Above-the-line campaigns use traditional media such as print, television, and radio to reach out to the public, while our online advertising firm specialises in digital advertising, social media marketing services, and targeted search engine marketing.

Below-the-line advertising, on the other hand, includes current mediums such as digital ads, trade shows, direct mail campaigns, catalogs, and our integrated advertising services, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your marketing needs.

DGATe offers

Print Advertising

Response-oriented media strategy and execution in newspapers, magazines, and other print advertising mediums guarantee that your brand is seen by the right people and gets the right response.

Print advertising is the preferred choice of clients across categories as one of the most effective strategies. Given the numerous options available, cost differences, position, and distribution issues, effective media planning is required to achieve the desired communication objectives. 

Our media planners have the expertise to curate, analyze, and propose an effective media plan to assist you in optimizing your spending in advertising and Media.

Radio Advertising

What do you do in your car when you’re not driving? You’re probably listening to your favorite music on the radio. With our restrictions on Radio Stations across India, you can reach out to your target audience who has purchasing power as well.

Television Advertising

Television Advertisement remains one of the most popular mediums for people to consume on a daily basis around the world. With our television advertising planning and executions, you can get your brand seen where it matters the most and take your sales graph to the next level.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a low-cost, high-involvement engagement platform that allows marketers to collect valuable feedback from prospects and reshape/retune strategies. The effectiveness is determined by the target segment, the database’s validity, the messaging, and the response mechanisms built in to optimize response.

At DGate Integrated Services, we have a dedicated team of experts who are well-versed in the nuances of Direct Marketing to ensure you get the desired response on the effort.