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Ideate Innovate Initiate
Ideate Innovate Initiate


Innovating Market Practices

DGate is a Marketing house that believes in supporting and promoting Integrated marketing services through innovative ideas, products, and technologies, irrespective of the industry. We are an enthusiastic Integrated Marketing Service Provider and digital marketing company in Bangalore initiated by a vehement team, including performance marketers, that ensures the best quality services. Our solutions are thoroughly researched, efficient, and well-designed to provide high profitability to our client’s businesses.


Integrated Marketing Solutions

Our integrated services, including integrated digital marketing and integrated marketing services, provide detailed information on your target audience, demographics, geography, and other relevant factors. We aim to provide you with comprehensive marketing communication that will help your business reach its goals.

Marketing and branding with DGate aren’t just one-time project-based solutions. Rather, we concentrate on long-term marketing solutions for small businesses that allow your brand to grow over time. As one of the leading integrated marketing communications companies, we start with a comprehensive marketing evaluation to learn more about your company's present condition, followed by custom-built Branding Solutions that can adapt and expand as your business evolves.


Be found online and boost website traffic, engagements and leads. We'll develop an approach that integrates methods like optimizing website content, enhancing user experience, linking to other sites, local listings, and much more.

Content Creation

Branded content, including website copy, social media, blog posts, photos, videos, white papers, and more, may be used to engage customers and enhance search results.


Research and Analytics

Multiple channels, devices, and points of interaction are generating unprecedented amounts of data. Marketing data will remain a collection of facts in the absence of insights. Our team of Online Marketers will conduct intensive research of your target audience, keywords, competitors and so on.

Copy Writing

We create catchy headlines, use high-performing keywords, add graphics, and format your posts for easy reading.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Increase website traffic and leads by leveraging platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook advertising. Target potential consumers, boost conversions and get more return on investment.

Social Media Marketing

We help you in launching, developing, and monitoring your online social presence with our social media marketing services. We'll keep clients informed and engaged throughout the process, from content creation to daily posting.

Video Marketing

Capture your viewers' attention and create a buzz in the online community with engaging, SEO-optimized video content digital marketing service. From location scouting and scriptwriting to motion graphics production and video editing, we've got you covered.

UI/UX and Graphic Design

People will not pay attention to your brand message unless it entices the attention of people. Our team of Online Marketers and  innovative designers can help you get the best designs for your brand.


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